We want to make you travel again in italy 2021: looking forward to welcoming you here! 

A new year in which we start off bruised, disappointed, perplexed… but we want to gelcome our guests here, in our Italy!
We all hoped that at this point everything was just a memory … but instead we are still in the middle of the storm!
And in the middle of the storm, we have to row, we have to hoist our sails and try to resist against adverse events.
And so we start from here … right where we started!
Asolando wants to start again with the love for beauty, for culture, for all that is unique around us!
And to do that, we are waiting for you in Italy, in Veneto, in Asolo… to give you our usual welcome and to welcome you, with a virtual hug, with all our passion and our professionalism!
Whether you are near guests, discovering the places around us, or you are long-haul travelers, who after crossing the skies of the world, arrive in our lands, the lands of Venice, to discover them slowly, analyzing the details, the stories, the legends.

Let’s start again, let’s travel again in italy 2021, sharing our beauties that must be lived and respected, because this is what is good for us! The landscapes, traditions, culture and art, the taste of good things … we need to return to live them with the awareness that leads us to live them with respect!

In recent months we have discovered new Accommodations and Villas that we want to offer you among our hills: exclusive residences where you can enter 360 in the soul of the host. We have developed new paths and new experiences, which will make you touch in depth the essence of Veneto and Italy. We have grown in the concept of hospitality, which is based on sustainability and enhancement of small realities that are the soul of the Italian tradition!

We are now ready to welcome you again, after silently respecting the priorities of the moment. Now, we want to think that the storm is coming to an end and that after the storm, the sunny weather will return.
With the sun and the blue sky, we are here to RE-BIRTH WITH YOU!


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