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Here, our proposals for the Top Private one-day trips in Venice! Experiences for honeymoon, for culture, Venetian food and wine and handicraft lovers!

Get inspired with our sample one day trips in Venice and its Land!

Discover our one-day trips in Venice and its Land!
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Explore the enchanting wonders of Venice and unlock the secrets of authentic Italian experiences with our curated one-day trips. Delight in the magic of the Venice Carnival or immerse yourself in a Pizza cooking class within the walls of a historic Venetian Villa. Traverse the charming alleys during a night visit to the San Marco Basilica or embark on a special guided tour of the Doge Palace, unveiling its ‘secret itinerary.’

For those yearning to uncover the true essence of Venice and the broader north of Italy, we recommend a selection of the finest one-day excursions. Journey through the picturesque landscapes of the Venetian Lagoon, the captivating islands of Murano and Burano, and the lesser-known gems like Certosa, Mazzorbo, and the Armenian island of San Lazzaro. Explore the stunning regions of Unesco Prosecco hills, Padua, Vicenza, Bassano del Grappa, Verona, Valpolicella, and the Po Delta.

From the mesmerizing city of Venice, we unveil unique corners beyond the typical tourist paths, providing opportunities to meet the local craftsmen and artists. Our one-day trips offer a chance to navigate the Venetian Lagoon on electric boats, guided or self-driven, uncovering the charm of lesser-known islands.

Indulge in the flavors of Venetian traditions with selected one-day trips, exploring authentic ‘Osterias’ and ‘Bacaro tours’. Savor the richness of local wines and ‘cicchetti’ while enjoying private tastings with a personal sommelier guide. In the heart of Venice, experience the tradition of Amarone Wine and other top Italian red wines paired with delectable local cuisine.

Starting from the iconic Piazza San Marco, our private guided tours will lead you through hidden ‘calli’ and ‘squeri’, revealing the cultural and artistic treasures that make Venice truly unique. Discover the authentic beauty of Venice and its surroundings with our thoughtfully crafted one-day trips, designed to offer unforgettable and off-the-beaten-path experiences.

From Venice, you will discover the the Land and the Venetian Wine Roads: Prosecco Tour, Amarone Tour and Valpolicella, and also some not so known wine-pearls like the Incrocio Manzoni, the bottle-fermented wines or the great and hidden Piave Malanotte.
You will explore Treviso, the garden of Venice, and the Venetian Villas!

By bike or with comfortable e-bikes, on a Vespa Scooter or with exclusive cars, escorted by our best guides and sommeliers, we will make you discover this corner of Venice and Veneto Region, from the Po Delta to the Dolomites, passing through the romantic VeronaPadua, with the masterpieces of Giotto, Vicenza and the treasures of Palladio, up to the small and charming medieval villages such as Asolo and Bassano del Grappa, or the Canova gypsoteca, with all the plaster statues of the greatest neoclassical sculptor, with the candles’ light!
Discover our selection of one-day trips in the land and waters of Venice… join our marvellous experiences in Veneto Region!

These are some of the most exciting cultural one day trip in Italy that we want to live with you! Contact us! we want to surprise you!


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