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Chiara is the founder and CEO of ASOLANDO by IT-Excellence. She is the travel advisor, and loves proposing new places in the land of Venice and in Italy and offering the most authentic experiences to her guests.

Graduated in Venice, in the Cà Foscari University in Tourism Economy & Management, she has worked in the incoming tourism business since 2002.
She is very precise and careful, and really appreciated by her tourists. She is a tour leader and a certified sommelier in love with the Italian wine regions, and she loves the peculiarities of Italian food and handcraft, but she is very careful to the responsible and sustainability, so in each preposed experience and travel, she chooses carefully the partners and the suppliers who should share the same philosophy in work and in life!

About the locations, for events, weddings, or accommodations, she advices hidden places, in the complete privacy, where you can rediscover your well-being, and also where you are safe from curious eyes.

Chiara lives in Asolo, the medieval town in the hinterland of Venice, which is an oasi of culture, history, beautiful landscapes, and unique people who are looking forward to welcome you!

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Why choose us

Asolando by IT-Excellence is the travel company based in Asolo, closed to Venice, which offers custom tours, authentic experiences and concierge services in the Region of Venice and in Italy.
We are a professional travel agency in Italy, and our main mission is to create great travels and experiences in Venice and not only for our Guests, with the philosophy of combining exclusivity with sustainability. We believe and promote responsible travels in Italy, with eco-friendly proposesgreen villas rentals, open-air experiences, green vehicles, proposes that believe in the respect of locals and in the value of the Italian traditions!

If you are thinking about Italy as your next destination for your vacation, we are glad to make you live the authentic and responsible Italian Experience here. We are based in Veneto Region, closed to Venice, and we are true Italy experts! From the North to the South, we really want to make you discover the real Italy with customized tours of Italy and one-day trips in Italy.

In our staff, we have top qualified tour guides and tour escorts in the main cultural cities, such as Venice, Verona, Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples, and not only! Our selected professional English-speaking drivers propose elegant and comfortable Vip cars and vans. Finally, One of our travel specialists is a qualified Sommelier, with a National Fisar Qualification, to give you the best solution for the wine tours in the Prosecco, Amarone, Chianti, and Brunello, such as in Barolo or other great Italian wines’ areas, combining them with great cooking and food experiences.

So…The Travel Collection is complete: a top-quality concierge service at your complete disposal! The goal is always to make you live the Best exclusive and responsible travel in Venice and in Italy!

If you are looking for a vacation that is a customized tour of Italy, our Travel agency is the greatest solution for you!

Once you ask for our assistance, one of our travel advisors will keep in touch with you in order to understand your interests and your expectations for your customized tour of Italy or your one-day trip in Italy.

Like a traveling tailor, we combine Culture, Italian Traditions, Manufacture, and Crafts, which represent our values.

We propose Italian brands and handcrafted Made in Italy products which are symbols of our Italian soul combining with our cities of arts, our wines and foods, and our authentic hospitality! Â

Culture, food and wines, lifestyle, traditions, exclusive accommodations, great events… a selection of the best experiences in Italy to make you live the vacation of your dreams! Together with this, we will be glad to assist you before the departure, creating with you the vacation; during the trip, in order to help you for your needs; after the holiday, because your feedback is so much important for us, to grow up in the right direction, hoping to assist you and your relatives again in the future!

That’s why we advise Asolando by IT-Excellence as your travel agency in Italy!

Financial Guarantee and Company details

Official licensed Travel Agency in Italy

It-Excellence is an official licensed Travel Agency in Italy with a legal license issued by the Province of Treviso. Our License number as official Tour Operator and Travel Agency is: 103728. We are allowed to arrange any kind of tourist services. Our Technical Director is CHIARA BALLESTRIN, registered to the Veneto Region Tourist Technical Director Association.

Our Insurance (Liability) contract has been signed with “Europ Assistance (Insurance Company)” – Policy Number 4109272 – Limits of Indemnity 2.100.000 Euros.

Against the risk of Insolvency

Pursuant to the provisions of art. 50 of Italian Tourism Code (Legislative Decree 23 May 2011 no. 79), the Insurer is a guarantor in favor of the Insured Party(ies) and in the interest of the Policyholder, to guarantee the reimbursement of the amount paid by the Insured Party(ies) for the purchase and/or booking of the Holiday Packaged, if the Policyholder incurs in a situation of Insolvency, which determines the impossibility for the Insured Party(ies) to use (totally or partially) the Holiday Package.

Policyholder: NOBIS ASSICURAZIONI – Policy Number: 6006001446Q

Registered Company Address: IT-EXCELLENCE
Viale E. Fermi, 37 – Asolo (TV) – IT

Registered Company Number: IT04780780260 – Registered Company Location: Italy 

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