Welcome to the Land of Venice!

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We propose responsible travels and experiences in Venice, in its Land and in Italy, with a special focus on our Country’s sustainability. Venice and the art cities of Veneto, the Dolomites, the Prosecco hills and the Valpolicella, Lake Garda, Venetian villas, Asolo and the walled villages...

Welcome to the Land of Venice!

Welcome to the best responsible travels and tours in the Land of Venice with Asolando – It-Excellence! 

We want you to introduce you the authentic Veneto Region, that of culture, the great cities of art such as Verona, Vicenza and Padua, and smaller towns, like our beautiful Asolo and Bassano del Grappa… the Venetian places of taste, the excellence of the craftsmanship and of the food and wines… we want to show you our authentic Country! 

We propose responsible travels and experiences in Italy, with a special focus on our Country’s sustainability. Tailor-made holidays & travels in Veneto Region – Top Food & Wine tours, with a selection of organic and biodynamic cellars and farms, low-environmental impact hotels and accommodations, green-energy transports

Have you ever been to Venice Carnival attending a special Masks galà? Have you ever made a Pizza cooking class in an ancient Venetian Villa?  have you ever visited the San Marco Basilica during the night? or a special guided tour in the Doge Palace with the “secret itinerary”? have you ever driven an Italian Vespa Scooter, or a vintage manual transmission FIAT 500?

Prosecco and Valpolicella wine tours, experiences with electric boats in the Venice Lagoon, food and cooking classes to learn the Italian food traditions, e-bike experiences in the Prosecco hills, tours and experiences for kids and families, private guided tours in Venice, Florence and Rome, such as in the main cultural sites of Italy…

Venetian Holidays Villas

We want to inspire you with very unusual, high-quality Villa Holidays in Veneto area and in Italy and Accommodations chosen for their environmental sustainability and for the perfect integration with the place where they are situated.

We select unique, exclusive, and eco-style properties, where the luxury is not given by the number of services, but by the uniqueness and authenticity of these, making you rediscover the true exclusive Italian Style. 

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