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Italy 2021: looking forward to welcoming here again! 

We want to make you travel again in italy 2021: looking forward to welcoming you here!  A new year in which we start off bruised, disappointed, perplexed… but we want to gelcome our guests here, in our Italy! We all hoped that at this point everything was just a memory … but instead we are […]

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SUMMER STORIES 2020: Authentic Encounters on the Amalfi Coast

Last September 2020, with the family, we decided to treat ourselves to a trip to the Amalfi Coast. In the year 2020, when tourists are unfortunately very few, I, Stefano and the kids decided to visit Positano, Ravello and the beautiful Amalfi! The sweet memory of lemon ice cream, sun, breeze, the beauty of the […]

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Last week, with Alessandro and Carlo drivers, I had the pleasure to walk again through the beautiful vineyards of Valdobbiadene! a rather unusual Prosecco Tour, at a time when travelers are certainly few, because of the Covid. Anyway, the colors of autumn shine among the hills of Valdobbiadene give us truly unique emotions! We met […]

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It was a day in July, and with a wonderful family arriving from Boston, we walked the secret streets of Venice with our friend and photographer Alfonso Lorenzetto. We met the Nicole and her family at the Hotel and after a few previews, we went for a walk that became an experience! A mix between […]

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